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KRI Kriyas

Immersion/Foundation Kriyas


Balance and the Law of Equality
Includes the Meditation: Moving Meditation for Balance and Equality - August 17, 1995

Meditation to Discover the Beauty & Heavens Within

(Meditation Only)

Balance and the Law of Equality

(Meditation Only)

Get Rid of Anger & Fear
Includes the Kriya: Take Away Fear & Sadness - May 8, 1985

The Change of the Age
Includes the Meditation: Emotional Fatigue Buster
March 12, 1996, Eugene, Oregon

Meditation to Get Rid of Fear & Split Personalities

(Meditation Only)

Emotional Fatigue Buster (Meditation Only)

Take Away Fear and Sadness (Meditation Only)

Dancing Hand Meditation (Meditation Only)

To Find the Infinite Power Within (Meditation Only)



For the Lifecycles and Lifestyles Level Two Course


Download PDF Version of Kriya Here


Har Singh Nar Singh by Nirinjan Kaur

Ong Namo by Nirinjan Kaur




Other Kriyas



2009 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan