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March 2011




Sat Nam. Greetings from New Mexico!


Spring will bloom for us in a few weeks. The vernal equinox is a balance of light and dark. It is a time of renewal, realizing the strength in optimism and an opportunity to leave the winter behind.

We are celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th. Sadhu Kaur and I have videos on the KRI homepage with a kriya and some comments about that special day.  We also have specials in the Source that are drawn from the amazing Women’s Camps that Yogi Bhajan sponsored here in New Mexico.

As teachers of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, it is always a good idea to continue our education. Join us here in New Mexico this summer where we’ll be offering Conscious Communication, a Level Two course.

Our primary goal in this course is to help you experience yourself, so that you can say:

I have integrated conscious communication into all areas of my life. My communication uplifts others unto their own consciousness. It represents my whole self directly. I speak each word consciously, knowing it is witnessed by my consciousness and honored to be effective by the Cosmos. I create a harmonious communication even with those who oppose me. I am heard in the hearts of others as I hear and qualify my own words as I speak.

Join Gurudass Singh from Chile, Sada Sat Kaur from Italy, Shanti Shanti Kaur, Gurucharan Singh, and myself for what promises to be wonderful transformational experience.

Have you visited our KRI Facebook page? We have over 7000 friends, lots of announcements, content and comments on our wall. Come join us there!


Nirvair Singh KhalsaKind regards, blessings and Happy Spring,

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

CEO, Kundalini Research Institute








Can't view the videos above? View this month's Message and Kriya on our homepage here


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News from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings


Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings“Love is consistent memory. With every breath, it comes, it lives, it excels in you.” —Yogi Bhajan

Each stage of our human life embraces a part of our journey from birth to death and marks a time when we can grow spiritually as well as materially. Yogis talked about these stages of life as the four “ashrams” or “places of spiritual shelter.” Memory plays an interesting role in this journey; as we transition from one stage to another, we must decide what to take along and what to leave behind.

As I transition from my life as a householder (married at 25, raising a family, working in the world) into the next stage of life, I find myself musing over what will continue to serve me as I go into the world to teach and grow as a yogi just beginning my “retirement” years. I’ve been thinking hard about my own legacy—what do I want to leave behind? Working with The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, I am struck by the legacy he left us, the vast gift bequeathed by one man whose journey touched and transformed so many lives.

I remember sitting in Yogi Bhajan’s classes and watching many of his students as they dutifully recorded his words, making sure to carefully verify the exact order of the yoga postures. One woman brought a Polaroid camera to class and took photos of his hands as he demonstrated various mudras. In those early days, a few people would bring tape recorders. Later, someone brought a video camera. We were young and many of us believed (and hoped) that he would go on teaching forever. But thankfully, many people recognized the need to preserve his thousands of lectures and yoga classes.

I am humbled by the ongoing devotion of these students, teachers and yogis who have worked tirelessly to preserve and archive his words and images. I know that the years that I was able to devote to transcribing and editing the Khalsa Women’s Camp Notes and Gurdwara lectures were the best times for me personally as his student. I would hear my thoughts in my head in his voice and sound current. It was so powerful; I want everyone to experience that blessing. And with The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, they can.

Our personal memories serve us as we grow in our spiritual lives. The digital archive will help us to preserve the memory and accuracy of Yogiji’s vast teachings. But we need to keep collecting those memories, so that we can bequeath the beautiful fragrance of the Master’s teachings for many generations.

Please share your experiences of the impact of Yogiji’s teachings in your life; email me at sarbnam@kriteachings.com with your stories of how his teachings have touched you. And donate generously in 2011 (the dawning Aquarian Age) to keep these teachings alive and may all your memories be blessed and blissful! Here’s a thank you from students and teachers around the world for your generous gifts in 2010.

Thank you and Sat Nam,

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa

The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Capital Campaign


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We Are KRI


Sat Nam.

As you read this I will be in Amritsar, sitting at the Golden Temple, meditating. This is where I go to get very still, and meditate and rejuvenate. Each day I meditate on our mission and the community of trainers around the globe. I run into some of those Kundalini Yoga Trainers and Teachers while I’m there, which is great fun. This year I know I will be with trainers and teachers from Chile and Bolivia—and who knows who else I will meet this year. I do know this: We will sit and meditate together and send the blessings of this sacred place to all of you.

This is the beauty of our We Are KRI community of Trainers, teachers and students in the Aquarian Teacher Program. We are all over the globe and we love to come together and say “Sat Nam.” What binds us together is our practice. We have come a long way from the days of “Ong Namo and away we go,” the days when Yogi Bhajan might send you out to teach after your first or second Kundalini Yoga Class; but in many ways we have not changed at all. We still count on our sadhana, our practice of Kundalini Yoga to rejuvenate our spirits, strengthen our nervous systems and focus our minds.

I’ll also visit Miri Piri Academy while I’m in the neighborhood. The 11th grade students take the Level One Teacher Training program and the 12th graders participate in two Level Two Modules – this year they’ll be experiencing Mind and Meditation and Vitality and Stress. I love to sit as a student in their classes and study with them. Many of these young adults have years of practice and their understanding of these teachings is so inspiring. I am sure that I will come back with many stories to share. I encourage you to visit the Miri Piri Academy website and experience where the students live and study these teachings. http://www.miripiriacademy.org/more-about/spiritual-education/

I’ve also just returned from the Chilean Yoga Festival where I had the opportunity to work with students and Trainers who are teaching all over South America. What binds us together is the Teachings. http://www.kundaliniyogafestival.cl/

I want to share with you some tools that KRI has to serve you in your teaching and training. Did you know that the KRI website has two areas where you can search Kriyas and Meditations

And you can search the entire KRI website for information on Kriyas and lectures. You can type your question into the search box and get a lot of information on the Kriya you are looking for:

Our community of Trainers and participants in the program continue to grow and grow. We now have over 600 members of our Aquarian Trainer Academy all over the world and continue to develop our training school.

This year we will have the Trainer in Training (TNT) Program here at the Immersion Course, which is an opportunity for Interns, Associates and Professionals to continue to develop themselves as Trainers. Please visit KRI website for more information on this program http://immersion.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org or write to me at hck@kriteachings.org



Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

KRI Director of Reach Out Teach Out



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 Creativity—Express Yourself!

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, KRI is happy to announce our forthcoming title, Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa. An artist and teacher for more than 25 years, Hari Kirin integrates the soulful experiences we generate through our yoga practice with the expressive and emotional nature of art, color and images. As a writer, the world of artistic expression has always been a bit of a mystery; but I have found in my own experience that there are parts of my psyche that can only be expressed by my hands—through color, shape and their relationship to each other. I personally look forward to working with this yoga manual to bring new things to my own practice and to my students.

Deepen your own experience of your Self through Art & Yoga. Here’s a brief excerpt from the author’s introduction:

“These are challenging times. If you are drawn to practice art and yoga, you have something important to contribute to your world. We need your creativity, compassion, and intuitive intelligence. Today, it is essential that we sense the interconnectedness of our world. Whatever happens to any one of us—human, animal, plant, or ecosystem—happens to all of us. This requires a departure from the individualistic, introverted, and competitive approach that we sometimes see in the practice of art or yoga today. With more awareness of the world in which we live, we can make a shift away from this way of doing things.

“We can heal our blocks to creativity and life through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and by cultivating an artistic (poetic) approach to life. We can transition from polarized opinions to deep ethics, from isolation to connection, from narcissism to compassion. There is much speculation about the changes we face at this time in history. The world is changing; humanity needs to change. What will we drop, and what will we carry on? My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, commenting about the Aquarian Age, which begins in 2011, said, “Our creativity will be our sensory system.” I understand this to mean that our creativity will enable us to sense this new fluid connected reality.

The practice of art cultivates intuition, openness, discipline, and endurance. It is not just a matter of expressing in an outer form what you already know. Art begins at the edge of the known and moves out to what is beyond. Like yoga, art is a union of the known with the unknown. Although it may start with feelings as a way to reach to the unknown, art is not just expressing what you feel. It is not illustrating something you understand. In art, you “stand under” an expanse that goes beyond thinking.”

Learn more about Hari Kirin and this exciting new book here! Available Summer Solstice 2011.



Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa
Creative Director
Kundalini Research Institute


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 Greetings from 3HO Foundation International!

3HO and KRI Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8

3HO and KRI are coming together to present some of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Women in honor of International Women’s Day. Join Gurudev Kaur of 3HO and Sat Purkh Kaur of KRI in a live broadcast event on Tuesday, March 8.

Yogi Bhajan spent the better part of 30 years trying to get women to see who and what they really are—creative, sacred, and invincible. 3HO whole-heartedly supports and celebrates the United Nations International Women’s Day, as our lifestyle is largely based on acknowledging the grace and dignity of all women. The simple act of prayerfully holding the world together is our greatest virtue. We are the creators and we have the power to change the world by changing ourselves.

We invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day by joining us live. Go to Channel 3HO Kundalini Yoga International on Livestream. Launch/Class will take place at Yoga Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM, USA. Yoga Santa Fe is a 3HO Yoga Center Partner.

* To find out when the launch will broadcast in your time zone click here.
We also encourage you to celebrate with special events and classes in your community. Below are links to the Grace of God Meditation, a suggested class or workshop curriculum, and ideas for seva projects. 


Global Grace of God Meditation


International Women’s Day Class Curriculum

Suggested Seva Projects




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The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Photo Archive


Yogi Bhajan Photo Archive


The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Photo Archive has new photographs of Yogi Bhajan available. Visit The Photo Archives to see our whole collection and purchase something for your altar today. In gratitude and in the spirit of the Winter Solstice celebrations, we'd like to offer a special coupon to you! Spend $33.00 or more and receive 11% discount on your entire purchase!



Use the following Coupon Code at check out: GIVETHEGIFT2010. Give the gift of a printed photograph of Yogi Bhajan to yourself or your friends and family this holiday season.

Thank you so much and happy holiday to you!
The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Photo Archive

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